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The Offical Welcome and Haven City FAQ

The Offical Welcome

Welcome to Haven City: An Artemis Fowl Fan Community. We at HC are very happy that you found the place and would love it if you were to hang around. Our goal here is to keep an Artemis Fowl fanbase alive and kicking here on Livejournal. Hopefully, this goal won't be hard to reach. So, with that said - once again, welcome!

The Haven's FAQ Section

So, if there's something that needs to be explained, it's gonna go here:

Tag Information -

You can add tags to the bottom of your posts so that we can keep media that is not pure discussion and fun spam in order around here. Our current tags are listed in the tool bar on the main community page so as to provide easy access to everyone, and are as follows: fanfiction, fanart, and icons.

If you would like to request another tag be added to the list, post a comment at the end of this entry or get in touch with rilita, and she will add it for you.

Affiliates -

So, you wanna be an affiliate of ours? Well, that's really spiffy of you! Simply post a comment at the end of this entry or get in touch with rilita, and she'll add you to the list. She'll also place a link for you on the info page. So if you'd like her to use a certain graphic, please leave it here with your request. You can also link to us using the banner below. Thanks so much for your interest!

(Insert banner here once it's made. . . heh.)
Tags: fanart, fanfiction, icons
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