ariteir (ariteir) wrote in havencity,

Shit just got real

Sorry about the language but I feel the term is appropriate.

Now I'm sure you all know about the Artemis Fowl Unofficial Soundtrack project, it's like the only post on this page to have comments in the double digits.

Well I'm pleased to say that everything is coming along nicely, but that's not all I'm here to say.  You see I'm not the only one with a project, oh no.

Over at DeviantArt they've got an entire fanmade Artemis Fowl animated movie in the works! And I've been requested to help with the Soundtrack.

So guys Your song suggestions so far have been great but you've got to keep them coming! 

Character theme's, instrumentals, Songs for scene's these are what we really need right now!

Here's a link to the DeviantArt page so you can check it out for yourselves

Let's do this thing!
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