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I had some theories . . .

I just finished reading the series, and damn. I love iiiiiit~~ I actually read it out of order: 1, 4, 6, 2, 7, 5, 3. I had read 1, 4, 5, and 6 like four years ago, and obsessed over them, and I've just recently decided to get into the fandom. Thus, I was able to read it out of order, since I already had some form of orientation.

Now, one of the benefits of reading a series out of order like this is that it makes it easier to spot things like foreshadowing, symbolism, the tropes, and all that good stuff. I've also been to the AF tropes page without managing to get badly sucked in, which is quite a feat, I must say. XD

So, here are some theories for the eighth book. You're welcome to discuss or comment on them as it pleases you. ^^

So, here we go~!

1. Butler will die in book eight. I knooooow. It sucks. But when you think about it, from a symbolic POV, Butler more or less represents Artemis being more sheltered than he should be. It's a pretty significant crutch on his character. Also, Butler is aged, and I'm really not sure how much longer he'll be able to last as Arty's bodyguard, sadly. And so far, it's been Root and Vinyaya, both of which are seasoned, older soldiers. If it follows the same pattern, Butler is next. TT_TT

2. Artemis's recovery from Atlantis Complex will be a platform for ArtOlly to happen. I cross my fingers. Very hard. It makes sense that Holly would play a large part in his therapy, especially if he IS suppressing those feelings. Confessing to them could be a huge breakthrough. Also, Holly is his closest friend, so it makes sense she would help to a degree.

3. Opal will win, and the People will be brought into contact with humans. I suspect this will be the same plan, to be Queen of the World. It's pretty much always the plan, and this seems a logical way to do it. And we all know present!Opal wants her revenge on the People for locking her away. There are also now two Opals, and that makes a very scary team. I can see them succeeding, this time.

4. Artemis will be a peacemaker between the People and humanity. Think about it. Why else would he pretty much be the ONLY genius human to befriend the fairy folk? Add to that the implications of Artemis and Holly as a couple--marriage is an old way of uniting hostiles. I think it all points in this direction.

5. TurnballxLeonor is foreshadowing for ArtOlly. I wouldn't be surprised, in all honesty. Then again, this could be a very bad thing.

That's it. DISCUSS~~
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