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I has fanart~

Whoooo, my first AF fanart~! I'm excited. I hope you all like it! ^^ Just a warning, this sucker is huuuuuuge.


Just Smile, Arty You can find it here at my deviantART page. WATCH MEH~~

Holly: *pulls out camera* Let's take a picture of ourselves~

Artemis: Okay.

Holly: *raises camera and smiles*

Artemis: *smiles close-mouthed*

Holly: You looked depressed.

Artemis: I do not!

Holly: Yes you do. C'mon, give us a toothy smile.

Artemis: No. I have a gap in my front teeth.

Holly: Pleeease?

Artemis: No.

Holly: *reaches around Artemis's waist and tickles him*

Artemis: *wiggles and laughs*

Holly: *poses and takes picture*

Artemis: HEY! I demand a retake!

Holly: Hush, you baby. Look, you're fine. *shows him picture* You have a cute smile. :D

Artemis: *blushes* Well . . .

Holly: *kisses him*

Artemis: !!! *melts*


Sorry if I gave you a cavity. I couldn't resist when I came up with the idea for this painting~ I figured it would do to give explanation, as I'm not sure how much Artemis looks like he's laughing, rather than having a weird look on his face. XD The facial expression was better in the pencil drawing, I think, then got lost a bit when I painted it. But meh.

I hate eyelashes so much. They're hell to paint. D;

And Artemis's right eye is the BANE of my existence. Only HE could be high maintenance in an image. God. I have never met such a demanding, critical muse. He never shuts up.

Anyway, on the other hand, I'm quite pleased with how Holly came out. She was fun to draw, as her elven proportions resemble that of an anime/manga head, which I'm most used to drawing. So I was like, "Wheeeee, screw anatomy~~" XD Also, she was very easy and fun to paint, and she has such pretty coloring~

I'll happily draw something for anyone who writes a oneshot based on this image. <3

Done in tempera paint. Artemis and Holly belong to you know who. ;D

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